Conference Topics 2024

PV Cell & Module Technology for ViPV

  • Lightweight solutions and best-practices of VIPV technologies
  • Module area coverage, interconnection, shade resilience
  • Integration of solar cells in the vehicle surface: encapsulation, curvature, flexibility
  • Equipment, processing (e.g. lamination technology) and automotive manufacturing
  • Safety & Reliability, including standards and certification

Performance & Costs

  • Yield prediction, performance modelling and real-world validation
  • System optimization
  • Cost analysis of system and components

Bidirectional BEVs & System Energy Management

  • Power integration concepts in the vehicle: balance of systems, battery integration
  • Integration into the smart-grid
  • Power conversion components and technology
  • Power management for dynamic conditions
  • Effect on the car battery aging
  • Regulation

Lightweight EVs (LEV)

  • Vehicle concepts for urban mobility
  • Application cases and implementation into personal and cargo mobility
  • Manufacturing concepts and technology
  • Servicing and repair
  • PV integration in LEV

Environmental & Social Impact

  • Consumer perception, user behaviour and interaction
  • Financing and policy framework
  • CO2 reduction and life cycle analysis (incl. social aspects)
  • Future potential and business cases