PT600 Meeting

We are pleased to announce that the IEC TC82 PT600 on-site meeting for international standardization of the VIPV testing and rating technology will take place preceding the PVinMotion 2023 Conference on February 13 and 14.


Vehicle-integrated photovoltaic (VIPV) differs from standard PV modules, so the standard testing method and rating method cannot be applied. Mainly by the shading impacts, curved surface, partial shading, dynamic shading, and environment (Table 1). For fair and reproducible rating and the test results that impact the VIPV and solar EV (SEV) value, IEC TC82, the international standardization body for photovoltaic technologies, organized a project team with an excellent balance of countries and technology fields by the voluntary contribution (PT600; 75 experts from 19 countries including registered observers). Two web meetings are being held monthly to discuss establishing the international agreement and standardization for emerging VIPV technologies by scientific background.

VIPV’s differences from standard PV technologies in performance, testing, and rating


Please, note that pre-registration for the PT600 Meeting is required.

If you wish to attend the PT600 Meeting, please register during the registration for the PVinMotion conference.

If you should not plan to attend the PVinMotion, and wish to attend the PT600 Meeting, please send an email with a few motivational sentences to the conference organizers at info(at), and it will be forwarded to the PT600 Meeting organizers.

Important Information

This meeting is one of the two regular management and summary meetings of the PT600 annually and the first face-to-face meeting with an opening door for experts outside the PT600 group (registered participants in the PVinMotion conference, including exhibitors) in this technology field. Let us discuss this intensively in 1.5 days and help establish fair and scientific standards in VIPV technologies.


You can and cannot make:


  • Respect the IEC Code and Conduct;
  • Be fair and scientific;
  • You can attend the meeting as an observer. Observers have equal rights to express opinions and ask questions but cannot vote. The voting process is done only by the official PT600 members;
  • Do not use this opportunity to collect technical information for tutorials, promotion of your technology, or networking.


The technical information obtained in this meeting can be used only for the standards and not use it for academic publications and IPs.



Acknowledgement: This meeting is supported by METI, Japan.