Welcome to the PVinMotion 2024 Conference!

With the boom of electric vehicles (EVs), solar-powered mobility is bringing solutions to reduce emission of the transportation sector, to increase the energy autonomy of EVs and to replace partially the grid power with photovoltaic (PV) electricity produced on board.


After the big success of the second edition of the PVinMotion conference in the Netherlands, the coming edition will be hosted by CSEM and EPFL at the heart of PV innovation in Switzerland. Indeed, vehicle-integrated PV (VIPV) industry is a burgeoning and fast-growing segment with technical challenges and business opportunities where innovation is a must.


The conference will cover new scientific findings & technical solutions for vehicle PV-integration from materials (solar cells and curved modules) to electronics (connectors, optimiser and systems) via measurement (performance monitoring, range extension, reliability and simulations) and regulation (safety and standardization). PVinMotion 2024 will cover for the first time also light electrical vehicles (light EVs) topics and bidirectional charging for EVs combine to PV electricity as this is the future for smart-grid based on renewable energy.


Conference participants can expect, in addition to invited keynote speakers and panel list discussions, a wide range of oral & poster presentations as well as lab and industrial partner visits, with the most important, as always, the side discussion during the breaks.


The motto of the PVinMotion conference is to bring together scientific and industrial experts from automotive, solar and electronics and to build a community with the ambitious goal to accelerate technical advances and generalize PV on every vehicle (passenger car, truck, boat and plane).  


We look forward to seeing you at the 2024 PVinMotion Conference!


Antonin Faes, CSEM, & Nicolas Wyrsch, EPFL

PVinMotion 2024 Conference Chairs