Chairperson's Message


Welcome to the PVinMotion 2023 Conference!


We are at the beginning of a new era in sustainable solar-powered mobility and transportation. In May 2022, the EU Commission published a Solar Energy Strategy that specifically identified the new application of vehicle integrated PV.


‘’Vehicle-integrated PV presents a high potential to contribute to the reduction of emissions from the transport sector, by increasing the energy autonomy of EVs and partially replacing grid power with solar electricity produced on board.’’

[EU Solar Energy Strategy, SWD(2022)].


PV integrated in cars, trucks, ships, planes and other vehicles is a growing field and innovative industry with new technical challenges and opportunities. It is in this environment, that we announce the second PVinMotion conference dedicated to the scientific research and innovations for realizing the potential of vehicle-integrated PV.


At the 2023 Conference, we look forward to hear progress that has been made on topics such as PV component design, new and promising cell or module technologies, new manufacturing concepts to reduce costs and improve performance, shared knowledge on safety and standardization, and real-world use considerations like shading, market, social acceptance of VIPV technologies.


VIPV is a multi-disciplinary field. The design of the solar components and PV system goes hand-in-hand with the developments in vehicle efficiency, battery performance and charging infrastructure that will enable vehicle (and VIPV) to grid applications. The PVinMotion conference aims to bring together experts from automotive, solar, and batteries and to build a new community with the ambitious goal to accelerate technical advances.


I look forward to seeing you, in person, at the 2023 PVinMotion Conference!


Bonna Newman

TNO Energy / Lightyear Layers

PVinMotion 2023 Conference Chair

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