PVinMotion 2021 Conference

Welcome to the PVinMotion 2021 conference!


At the world’s first scientific conference dedicated to vehicle-integrated photovoltaics, we explore the technologies and framework of integrating photovoltaic technologies into different vehicles. Cars and trucks are in focus for this conference but there will also be room to discuss further applications such as boats, airplanes, trains or even tricycles.


Research and the application of vehicle-integrated photovoltaics have been gaining momentum in recent years. Solutions for vehicle integration are being actively developed by scientific institutions and are brought to the market by both new and established companies such as Hyundai or SonoMotors. To push the topic forward and to connect the people involved we aim to provide a podium were the science community and the application industry can discuss the technology, the design and the social and economic framework of vehicle integrated photovoltaics. Scientists will present their recent advances in research to be discussed and substantiated by the application industry. Engineers from vehicle companies will get in contact with the latest developments and new trends.


The motto of the first PVinMotion conference is: “Solutions for vehicle integration”. Our goal is to discuss approaches to achieve an integrated photovoltaic energy supply in the vehicle skin. This includes among others the technologies of photovoltaic modules and power converters, design choices, safety regulations, economical potential and boundaries as well as the power yield of the technology, from supporting telemetric components or the air conditioning unit to covering the full power demand of an electric vehicle throughout the year. All types of applications need to be safe, in style and cost effective, independent of providing a few Watt each day or the power needed to get a car running for 15.000 km a year.


Let us be inspired by the World Solar Challenge: The car race across Australia to travel over 3000 km in less than 5 days powered by solar energy alone, where students from all over the world meet to discuss and demonstrate their achievements in pushing the limits of solar and vehicle technology. Let us continue the discussions on a scientific and industrial level to demonstrate the transfer of technologies from car races to business.


Join the PVinMotion 2021! We look forward to meeting you all online!

Above all: Stay healthy!


Dr. Martin Heinrich

Fraunhofer ISE

Conference Chair of PVinMotion 2021